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MeadowSweet Facial – $25

Lavender, jasmine, oats, chamomile, walnuts, almonds and honey deep clean and refresh skin. An all-around good facial for most skin types.

chocolate facial

The GSS Chocolate Facial – $25

Rich, decandently delightful and only at GSS! Imported 100% cacao powder blended with exotic oils, clays, and botanicals for a sumptious feast for your skin. Enjoy all the benefits of deep dark chocolate without adding a single calorie!

champagne facial

The GSS Champagne Facial – $30

The ultimate! Organic grapes make this champagne facial truly wonderful in delivering skin-softening benefits. This facial is very relaxing as your skin is massaged and bathed in sparkling champagne and exotic oils. Afterwards, a velvety facial masque infuses more champagne into your skin, leaving it incredibly soft as champagne acts as a mild peel.

Pamango Tango Facial (Seasonal)

Pamango Tango Facial (Seasonal) – $25

This facial is perfect for skin transitioning from late winter/ spring into summer. Fresh papayas, mangos, honey and other botanicals gently “peeling” away dead skin cells. Perfect for preparing skin for the tanning season.

Pamango Tango Facial (Seasonal)

Pumpkin Facial (Seasonal) – $25

A moisture-rich facial just in time to protect skin from the crisp Autumn air. Pumpkin, honey, walnuts and other treats from nature make this aromatic facial a must during the holiday season.